Top 10 Reasons to Call Crown Recruiting:


We Work Hard for Our Candidates

Crown Recruiting is a family owned, locally operated firm that prides themselves on cold calling gainfully employed individuals. We find the highly qualified candidates that are ready to make that next transition in their career.


Free for All Candidates

There is no charge to work with a recruiter as a candidate. We are paid by the company, based on your experience and knowledge.


Eyes and Ears of the Industry

We talk to 100+ people a day and know all the ins and outs of your industry. We know who was just hired, who got let go, mergers, and what the crops look like in your area. If you ever have questions on what is going on in the industry, we can tell you!


We Fight for the Compensations You Deserve!

Feeling underpaid, disrespected, or wanting to get back to your hometown? We work hard to get you what you deserve. Companies receive resumes every day, where we specifically make your resume visible, while doing all the salary negotiating for you.


Are you overloaded with your own work, but need to fill positions?

That’s where we come in! Give us a call with a description on what you are looking for, and we will take it from there. It is free to interview all candidates, and we will be the first to tell you – if you don’t like them, don’t hire them! You only pay when you hire through us!


We Don’t Sling Your Resume

We do not sling your resume around without talking to you about the company first. We work 100% confidentially on both candidate and company side. We can make you aware of opportunities that are not advertised on job boards – gain access to the “hidden” job market.


Been out of the interview process for a while?

We help prepare you with our years of experience, by giving you knowledgeable interview prep material. We also talk you through the process and give you short, informative training on what to expect.


Established Database

We have spent years building our database, and we are adding to it every day. This means there are quality companies and quality candidates. By doing the research on both sides, we ensure a great career future.


Service After the Placement

Nobody wants to be forgotten about after the job is done. We are here for you through and through. If it is one week in or six months in, feel free to call us with any questions or concerns! We like to keep in contact to make sure both parties are continuously satisfied with our services.



Crown Recruiting has 10+ years of combined experience in the industry, and all our employees are honest, hardworking individuals. We care about the candidate and the company. In the end, we want you to trust us and let the best help you!